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Turdus Eremita - Turdus Eremita MC

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5. April 2017
Turdus Eremita tape is out! 20 copies only.

03. February 2017
Vanad Varjud - "Maarjajää" is sold out. Bestia - "Hallutsinatsioon" tape with bonus tracks is released! Limited to 33 copies.

23. January 2017
Vanad Varjud - "Maarjajää" very special tape is available now! 20 copies only.

30. December 2016
We have new postal address, please do not send stuff to old address (pk. 3037).

03. June 2016
Redesekration - "Hatred Visions" on black vinyl CD-R is available now! Killer black/death metal from Indonesia.

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