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DNR - Die Ewigen Mauern MC

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Redesekration - Hatred Visions CD-R

08. April 2016
DNR - Die Ewigen Mauern MC is available now! Legendary underground grind/black metal act from Estonia.

06. March 2016
Vanad Varjud - Dismal Grandeur in Nocturnal Aura CD is available now! Dark ambient/black metal from Estonia.

26. February 2016
Hokedun - Succumbing to Decay MC out now! Great oldschool black metal from England, comes in cardboard box.

20. August 2015
Tomorrow will be released From the Vastland - "Blackhearts" CD EP! Album presentation takes place at Midgardsblot Festival

14. January 2015
Ragnell - Consumed by the Eternal Darkness CD is available now! Great black/death metal with dark atmosphere!

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