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Postmortem - The Call of the Sea

Format: gatefold 12'' vinyl LP
Cover: color proprinted cover
Length: 33 minutes
Price: 19 Euro
Quantity: 1 copy
Description: melodic death metal from Estonia.
Re-issue on blue vinyl, 180 gr


Põhjast - Thou Strong, Stern Death

Format: LP / Spinefarm
Cover: color proprinted covers
Length: 32 minutes
Price: 12 Euro
Quantity: 1 copy
Description: Paying their honors to ruthless beauty and lethality of nature and the Scandinavian Black Metal tradition of Bathory, Immortal and the like, the international foursome has with Thou Strong, Stern Death conjured an atmospheric masterpiece of almost mythical proportions - the soundtrack of departing this world for a purer one.

Listen here