Hauatagused karjed vol.1 - Estonian extreme underground metal compilation.

Format: slipcase cd-r
Quantity: limited to 333 handnumbered copies
Running time: 78 minutes
Price: N/A
Date of release: 16. april 2004

1. HORD - Sabbath ov Diabolik Prokreation
exclusively recorded for this compilation
2. MEINARDUS - Nightfear
taken from "Christendom's Perdition" album 2004
3. BESTIA - Libahunt
taken from "Hallutsinatsioon" album 2004
4. IRDHING - Reeturlus
live at club Athena, 2002
5. TESTICLE VOMIT - Drink of Gods
taken from demo 2003
6. REALM OF CARNIVORA - Triumph the Armageddon
taken from "Vengeance Shall Come" demo 2002
7. PROJECT I.M.P. - Industrial Symphony
unreleased track
8. MORIGAN - Angels are Burning Like Candels
unreleased track
9. KAMALOKA - Belated Fear
live at Rockstars, 2004
10. IRDHING - Sõjamarss
live at club Athena, 2002
11. BESTIA - Hallutsinatsioon
taken from "Hallutsinatsioon" album 2004
12. GROM - Zov Nastupajushei Tmy
taken from "Prah Nebes" demo 2002
13. DAMIEN - Ride the Dragon (Bring the Sword)
unreleased track
14. PLURIBUS IMPAR - Igavesed Lapsed
taken from unreleased reh. demo 2000, re-mastered
15. PROJECT I.M.P. - Melting
unreleased track
16. TESTICLE VOMIT - Hungarian Awn (Ungarisch Backröchte)
taken from demo 2003
17. MATER TENEBRA - Fearlord
exclusively recorded for this compilation
18. REALM OF CARNIVORA - Tõsta Mõõk ja Tervita Sarvikut
taken from "Verised Relvad" album 2003



While French underground is playing generally death/grindcore, Estonian bands play black and death metal. There are some interesting bands there. For example, PROJECT I.M.P. plays Sympho/industrial/ambient/black, a worthy blend to listen to. By the way, on the CD you'll find a Russian band Grom, playing raw black metal with plastic percussions - the only song is Zov Nastupajushei Tmy. An interesting turn by DAMIEN: they use several vocal sets in Ride The Dragon. Each of the vocal parties seems to sound from different directions and surrounds the audience. Try to listen to this song through your headphones. I also fancied IRDHING, who play black metal with symphonic insets. BESTIA's one of the best on the compilation. It presents two songs from their debut album "Hallutsinatsioon". So this is the UG of the northern Baltic country (themetallist.com).