Soulless vs. Kamaloka

Format: cd-r, color covers
Quantity: 150
Running time: 32 minutes
Price: N/A
Date of release: 18.04.05
Description: death metal

Soulless "Peri Psyches"
1. Desecration is Now
2. Ornate God
3. Peri Psyches
4. Urns of Hate

Kamaloka "Outropheda"
5. Plaque
6. Brutal Accident
7. Belated Fear
8. Outropheda

Coverart by Vlad.


Soulless - Peri Psyches
4-track demo from Soulless (Poland). This is a typical example of polish deathmetal. Recognizable haunting dual guitarriffs, a lot of blasting, some tempo changes, some more melodic passages and brutal & strong vocals. Additional to all this is the rather complicated yet well-structured guitarriffs combined with straightforward brutality. Sound is clear but has a weird hypnotizing atmosphere. Conclusion: good non-standard deathmetal.....

SOULLESS (Pol) "Peri Psyches" MCD'04. 4 tracks, 17 min.
I got this promo CD without any info, but the 4 tracks for the CDr are about quality Death Metal and this time it's not a copy cat of Vader, that's why I include their album. Nevertheless, the last track "Urns OF Hate" is really Vaderish like. Actually, these tunes remind me a lot early stuff from Deicide and Morbid Angel as there's a mayhem feeling, with a kind of satanic touch in their way of playing. For instance, they use a lot of breaks as Morbid Angel do to emphasis the black essence of Death Metal (i.e. : "Peri Psyches") and in the other hand they've also blend some ultra fast solis in the high notes a la Deicide. The lads are really skilled here and they know how to play D.M for sure.