Bestia - Õiglaste tulek

Format: mcd-r with sticker
Quantity: 200 copies
Running time: 10 minutes
Price: N/A
Date of release: 3. february 2006
Description: pagan black/death metal

1. Arg sõdalane [The Cowardly Warrior] (mp3)
2. Õiglaste tulek [The Coming of the Righteous] (mp3)
3. Mootorsae hääl [The Voice of Chainsaw] (bonus track)

This release includes two brand new songs by Bestia: epic "Arg sõdalane" and more brutal "Õiglaste tulek". In addition you will hear bonus track called "Mootorsae hääl" with real chainsaw sounds! Feel the heathen wrath in every second! Strictly limited to 200 hand numbered copies.