Urt / Bestia - Tagasi Tumedaima saarele

Format: cardboard cd-r with sticker
Quantity: 333 copies
Running time: 14 minutes
Price: N/A
Date of release: 06.04.07
Description: pagan black metal split with Estonian bands. Package includes cd-r with sticker, proprinted (black & gold) cardboard + coloured booklet with photo, lineup information and texts about bands.

1. Urt: Läbi halli udu (Bestia cover)
2. Urt: Surmasõdalaste reekviem (mp3)
3. Bestia: Õud ja kaosetormid (Urt cover) (mp3)
4. Bestia: Viimne lahing

Multimedia bonus:
Bestia - Õiglaste tulek
Urt - Surmasõdalaste reekviem

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