Sorg Innkallelse - Into the Dark Tower

Format: cd-r with sticker
Quantity: 199 copies
Running time: 52 minutes
Price: N/A
Date of release: 24. september 2007
Description: pagan black metal from Iran with some eastern folk music influences, their second release on Hexenreich! Black and white proprinted covers on special paper.

1. The Arrival of Tormentor
2. With Ancient Torches in Our Hands
3. Cryptic Signs of Demise
4. Wings of Eternity (mp3)
5. Departure
6. Into the Dark Tower
7. Crimson Somnolence
8. Lethal Invasion (mp3)
9. Over the Ruins
10. Incessant Winds of Despair

Review in Antichrist Magazine:

One of the latest releases of this Estonian label. I think you know they are into Black metal mostly, and this band isn’t exception. Here’s evil black metal, made by use of such freezing tunes, with interesting guitar parts (as well as acoustic parts), unholy screams and… sadly thing – with drum-machine… I don’t know how old this band, but I hope they will find real drummer somewhere in the future and their music will be sound better. Nevertheless here’s good stuff, music is really dark and obscure, mostly made in slow tunes, with such freezing atmosphere… Sometimes SI sounds really melancholic also, and with obscure keyboards. Guitar riffs are raw and cutting, sounds really good and not boring at all. Here are 9 songs plus one bonus track “Incessant Winds Of Despair” (maybe this is some old song…). As a whole, looking to the musician’s photo and music itself, I see musicians aren’t some posers and totally are into black metal art, by feelings and music… While listening to this album I very often remembered our Ukrainian LUCIFIGUM, yes, fans of latest albums of LUCIFUGUM have take SI in the mind and listen to it. Thus we hear yet one pure black metal act today. And Hexenreich have good band in it’s catalogue. 4\5