Ouroboros / Hiietont split

Format: tape
Quantity: 99 copies
Running time: 88 minutes
Price: N/A
Date of release: 25.04.2008
Description: esoteric dark ambient vs. shamanistic ambient/ethnical music

Side Ouroboros:

1. Solve et coagula
2. Artifex
3. Terribilis est locus iste
4. Hermaphroditus
5. Mercurius Philosophorum
6. Solve et coagula (Axis Mundi Remix)

Side Hiietont:

1. Sõjasarved
2. Shamaanihelid 4
3. Shamaanihelid 5
4. Shamaanihelid 6
5. Shamaanihelid 7
6. Shamaanihelid 13
7. Shamaanihelid 14
8. Kuusära
9. Shamaanihelid 2
10. Kivilaps
11. Shamaanihelid 3
12. Shamaanihelid 16
13. Pagan
14. Tuultemeeled
15. Shamaanihelid 10
16. Shamaanihelid 11
17. Shamaanihelid 8
18. Shamaanihelid 1
19. shamaanihelid 9
20. Shamaanihelid 15
21. Vägi
22. Shamaanihelid 12
23. Manala

OUROBOROS (ITA) musical project born in 2004, from an idea of Marco Grosso, that decides, after some years of esoteric and alchemic studies, to realize through music, the path of Great Opera of Alchemy, in his research of Phiolosophical Stone.

OUROBOROS tracks bring the listener in the ancients fogs of Medieval Times, with his sad and restless mood, with vocals litany in Latin and old style artwork.

HIIETONT (EST) started on a night at the end of 2004. It is hard to translate what Hiietont means in English. In Estonian, "hiis" is a place in the nature where old Estonians went to sacrifice and ask for good harvest from our gods. "Tont" means some creature that comes from beyond this world.

HIIETONT is an ethnical music project and it also contains a lot of drum rhythms, electronical elements, but the goal is to build the project 100% on natural instruments.