Uruk-Hai - Quenta Silmarillion

Format: tape
Quantity: 50 copies
Running time: 60 minutes
Price: N/A
Date of release: 5. february 2010
Description: pagan battle ambient from Austria. Cover is printed on special half-transparent paper.

URUK-HAI´s first ever recorded rehearsal sessions fom September 1999 remastered 10 years later in September 2009 to honour the Elder Days` spirit...
...The First Age began with the rise of the Sun and the arrival of the Noldorin the land Beleriand in Middle-earth, and ended with the overthrow of Morgoth. The First Age was also known as the Elder Days.


1. Quenta Silmarillion Pt. 1 (mp3)
2. Quenta Silmarillion Pt. 2