Bestia - Kord vabana tuleme tagasi

Format: tape
Quantity: 50 copies
Running time: 43 minutes
Price: N/A
Date of release: 18. march 2010
Description: pagan black metal from Estonia, cover is printed on glossy paper.

Includes selected tracks from Bestia's debut album + bunch of bonus tracks and two rehearsal tracks. It should not be treated as "best of" compilation!

At first this tape was going to be released on No Christ Records for South America in 2008, it never happened. Now finally 50 copies are released by Hexenreich Records!


1. Hallutsinatsioon / Hallucination - (mp3)
2. Viirastus tõusvas tules / Phantom in the Rising Fire - (mp3)
3. Libahunt / The Werewolf - (mp3)
4. Sosin / The Whisper
5. Kord vabana tuleme tagasi / Once We'll Return Unbound
6. Toonela varjud / Shadows at Toonela
7. Kolmas haud vasakult / Third Grave from the Left
8. Ruunide leidmine / Finding the Runes
9. Arg Sõdalane / The Cowardly Warrior
10. Õiglaste tulek / Coming of the Righteous
11. Viimne lahing / The Last Battle
12-13. Rehearsal tracks 2007