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NB! Now it's possible to send packages with Itella to Finland, cheaper option for heavier packages!
Pricelist and sizes
    To 250 grams fits usually 3 tapes with plastic cases, 2 CD-s with plastic cases, 2-3 digipak CD-s or 8 CD-s without plastic cases.

    ZONE 1: EUROPEAN UNION + UK, Belarus, Norway, Moldova, Switzerland, Iceland, Russia, Ukraine

    0-250 gr.: 7 Eur (ordinary), 10.50 Eur (registered)
    250-500 gr.: 11.80 Eur (ordinary), 15.80 (registered)
    500-1000 gr.: 16.80 Eur (ordinary), 20.80 Eur (registered)
    1000-2000 gr.: 19.60 Eur (ordinary), 23.60 Eur (registered)

    ZONE 2: WORLD + Non-EU countries, what are not listed in ZONE 1

    0-250 gr.: 8.40 Eur (ordinary), 11.90 Eur (registered)
    250-500 gr.: 14.90 Eur (ordinary), 18.90 Eur (registered)
    500-1000 gr.: 21.20 Eur (ordinary), 25.20 Eur (registered)
    1000-2000 gr.: 26 Eur (ordinary), 30 Eur (registered)


    1) PayPal
    2) Bank transfer

    NB! We can try to work something out if those methods are not comfortable to you, feel free to ask and explain your situation.


    - Postage rates will be calculated for each order separately. Look above for approximate prices.

    - Send us your correct address and your real name.

    - Please be serious, if you decide to order, it means that you have to pay for stuff, very simple :)

    - Stuff will be sent on working days as soon as possible, after getting payment. Tapes may be needed to record first. You will get package tracking number via e-mail, when it is sent. We try to make photo of every unregistered package as proof.

    - Hexenreich is not responsible for stolen money or lost/damaged packages!

    - It is strongly recommended to use registered postage!