Bestia - Ronkade parved

Format: digipack / proprinted cd-r
Quantity: 99 copies
Running time: 42 minutes
Price: N/A
Date of release: 31. january 2009

Bestia's music in 2009 is raw but epic pagan black metal with some elements of folk, thrash and death metal. Aggressive and melancholic parts are mixed together with tempo varying from slow to chainsaw-speed blasts. Lyrics can be described as dark poetry, inspired by ancient times, folklore, mythology and nordic nature. You can notice some additional instruments used in background: saxophone, viola and flute! All songs are written and performed in Estonian language. True Estonian pagan black metal!

First very special edition comes in A5 digipack, limited to 99 copies. Contains 10 tracks, 7 of them are brand new and 3 have appeared on previous releases, but got totally re-arranged. Careful listener may find something what is not listed....

How this release looks in real life!


1. Ronkade parved - [Raven Flocks] - (mp3)
2. F.S.
3. Mälestus kustutab leegi - [Rememberance Extinguishes the Flame]
4. Verine koidik - [Bloody Sunrise]
5. Silmis härmatis - [Frost in the Eyes]
6. Taeva tõurastaja - [The Slaughterer of Heavens]
7. Arg sõdalane - [The Cowardly Warrior]
8. Tasumise päev - [Day of Revenge]
9. Õiglaste tulek - [Coming of the Righteous]
10. Viimne lahing - [The Last Battle]


Bestia is a black metal band from Estonia that was formed in 2000. After some demos and promos the band released its debut “Hallutsinatsioon” in 2004 and it was rereleased next year by the German label Perverted Taste, something that gave them a chance for a wider distribution. After some line-up changes and a few new demos and a split EP with Urt, they return in 2009 with their new album, the second full-length “Ronkade Parved” released by Hexenreich Records.

This second work is very strong and solid, especially compared with their debut, which was somehow unbalanced. They play raw pagan black metal, with a very powerful production and a very aggressive approach. The tempo varies from slow to fast and even though their music is described as black metal, they also use many elements from death and thrash metal, skillfully absorbed in their music, giving Bestia its own characteristic sound. They have an epic atmosphere to their music, which is achieved mainly due to the aggression and emotion of their songs and less due to their melodies or orchestrations. Their sound is sharp, with very few synths in the background, while the vocals are typical black metal screams and the lyrics deal about local folklore, nature, ancient times and mythological subjects, all sang in Estonian language. In some of their songs they use also saxophone, which makes quite a contrast with the rest of the music, but works very good for the band, adding a very interesting quality in their album. There are also some other “guest instruments”, like violins and whistles that remain in the background, giving though a folk mood from time to time…

I believe that “Ronkade Parved” is a very professional release by an underground band like Bestia, which deserves the attention of epic and aggressive pagan black metal fans. The first edition of the album is released in pro-printed CD-r in a very beautiful A5 digipak by Hexenreich Records, limited to 99 hand-numbered copies. It is also scheduled to be released as a standard digipak version by Evil Distribution. You can get a taste of the band in their myspace page: www.myspace.com/hallutsinatsioon or in their official site: http://www.metal.ee/bestia

+ http://www.heavymetalcosmos.com/en/reviews/357-b/343-bestia--ronkade-parved


I have come to realise that Estonian Black Metal comes in a number of forms. One thing which also struck me when listening to “Ronkade Parved” (Raven Flocks) is that the Estonian language lends itself to this genre in the same way as Norwegian. Rasping vocals stand in the middle of a mixture of fiery and atmospheric sections. An interesting feature of this album is the use of the saxophone on the tracks “Ronkade Parved” and “Mälestus Kustutab Leegi” (Remembrance Extinguishes the Flame). The last artist I can recall using the saxophone in this way was Nattefrost on his solo albums and with Carpathian Forest on “Defending the Throne of Evil”. The effect is creepy. The similarity with Nattefrost doesn’t end there because on this album there’s the folksy, occasionally fairground type sound which sounds as if it ought to be jolly but instead is the stuff of nightmares.

The album starts intensely with the old style “Ronkade Parved” and so it goes on. In tone it’s dull and deadpan, but unlike an early Darkthrone album sounding like it’s been recorded in a kitchen, it’s clearly produced. The spoken introductions in Estonian add gravity and suggest there are no “rules” here. The fusion of the saxophone, the measured drumming and the harshness create the air of something unpleasant. By contrast, “F.S.” is more upbeat and thrashy, again bringing the Carpathian Forest comparison to mind. “Mälestus Kustutab Leegi” starts imperiously. The saxophone accompanies a wall of blackened sound and funereal drumming. It all descends into screams of chaos and evil. After this, the album consists of a series of two minute blasts, all on a bed of evil and intense Black Metal, each imprinted with different moods. “Verine Koidik” (Bloody Sunrise) is fast and furious. The drums are in blasting mode. The vocalist makes it as horrible as possible. The last three tracks demonstrate the variation. “Tasumise Päev” (Day of Revenge) starts eerily with the sound of the recorder, to the background wall of sound, before leading into furious intensity. “Õiglaste Tulek” (Coming of the Righteous) by contrast is a creeping track in which the vocalist croaks on and the riff goes round and round. Then “Viimne Lahing” (The Last Battle) calls upon a more traditional, pagan sound.

“Raw Epic Pagan Black Metal with some elements of Folk, Thrash and Death metal” is how “Ronkade Parved” is presented to us. Undoubtedly dark and Nordic in its flavour, the strength of this album is the variations of speed and styles of delivery. Basically, it’s epic, evil, unpleasant and in different ways atmospheric, just as good Black Metal should be.



Minacious Webzine

This is the second full-length from this Estonian Black Metal, and the first I have heard from them. The band started in 2000 and have had a lot of line-up changes, but the band seems to be quite stable now. Bestia have released, besides the two full-lengths, for demos and one compilation. This is their latest release. The music on "Ronkade Parved" (not to be confused with the Swedish idiom "Runkad parad") is comprised of a lot of different parts. First of there is the most obvious, the harsh Black Metal with both faster blastbeat driven Black metal violence and slower, colder Black metal gloom. There is also a decent amount of Death Metal in the music, even some Thrash Metal here and there. But overall this is a Black Metal record. But on top of everything there is a folk music layer that adds a pagan touch to the music. Also they are not afraid to be a bit experimental, flutes and the viola have been used in Black Metal but saxophone. A bit strange, but it sort of works. The bass is high up in the mix which is something that I like, it adds a lot of weight and brutality to the recording, and the vocals are varied which is also something taht i really like. This is a really good album, check it out if you are into pagan Black Metal or if want Black Metal with a saxophone.



Antichrist Magazine

New release on this Latvian label. BESTIA is coming from Estonia , and I think there aren't fans who didn't heard even this band name, since they are well-known upon UG metal scene. The music they plays is very worth stuff for all the fans into Pagan black metal. All made on high level, with good raw and ancient atmosphere and interesting performance. Musically here's black metal carcass, but… but you also will be able to find some death metal touches as well, mainly in rhythm-section and some riffs as well. Music sounds tight and freezing, with enough of different motives and tempo-changes, together with screaming vocal. The rhythmical structure is made with variations as well, so you will able to enjoy by both fast and mid tempos. I can't say their music is pretty original, nevertheless BESTIA stuff sounds fresh when we speak about some non metal instruments during some songs. Thus we have worthy stuff, which will be great gift for fans of such SKYFORGER for example (yes, there are some similar moments there in BESTIA stuff). So if you are into such kind of music, “Ronkade Parved” worth your attention!