Send your orders, requests, comments, trades etc. to:

Things you should know:

    - Hexenreich Records is a non-profit underground metal label and distro based in Estonia since 2004.

    - Hexenreich is totally anti rip-off.

    - If you have problem with bands message, artwork or attitude, please send your comments to band directly!!!!

    - Make order only if you are very serious about that! For details check Ordering page.

    - Bands and labels, don't hesitate to get in contact for possible trades, distribution of your demos, CD-s etc.

    - TO BANDS: If you wish to release something under Hexenreich, send us link to your music page (bandcamp, youtube etc) or audio files (for example and are good places to upload zipped files).

    Physical promos are not necessary, lets save environment! Please don't send mp3 files directly to our e-mail! As extreme metal fans we try to listen every promo sent to us but we are getting such load of promotional emails that it is not possible to answer them all. Don't write 100 times, you just piss us off in this way. Our releases are right now in Tape, CD, CD-R, DVD-R format. Our main focus is on pagan/black metal.

    When Hexenreich releases/distributes your music, please mention it on your websites (link to us would be nice ). This is useful for both of us!

    - TO TRADERS: Trades are usually possible for all our releases and selected items in distro - ask for complete trade list! Please put CD-s and covers separate in your package! Make sure nothing is moving and stuff will not get bended/damaged/scratched in postage.

    1) Send your stuff in registered mail!
    2) Pro CD-R is not equal to CD!
    3) We are not interested in second hand stuff, except maybe some rare items!